Chart for End Game Progression

by Jano Terrana – Adamantoise, Updated: November 13, 2013

I created this chart to help clear up any confusion any new adventurer's may have while working up toward end game gear after reaching level 50. I have chosen the order of events that I feel helps new players the most when starting out. If you have any questions or feedback, let me know on this Reddit Post or the post on the Official FFXIV Forums!

Huge thank you to everyone in my free company that helped me check the information! I also want to thank the people who helped translate this chart into additional languages to spread it to a broader group of players!

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You're Level 50! Now What?

Time to finish your job and story quest! You need Cape Westwind, Castrum Meridianum and The Praetorium

Aurum Vale

When you've progressed far enough with your Grand Company, this pre-50 dungeon is the final challenge to unlock your rank and iLvl55 Weapons.

40 Philo. Tomestones

Castrum Meridianum

Mob-heavy Story Duty.

100 Philo. Tomestones

The Praetorium

Boss-heavy Story Duty.

100 Philo. Tomestones

The Grind Begins!

You now need to gear up for primals and dungeons!

5,010 Philosophy Tomestones for Full Darklight (iLvl 70)!

The Wanderer's Palace

This is an early duty with a minor gear requirement for easing new 50's into the harder duties. iLvl 55 gear can be found here as well as the shields that will last until Titan or Coil.

100 Philo. Tomestones
30 Myth. Tomestones

Amdapor Keep

The first duty with a slight gear check. You need to replace your leveling-up gear with new Duty and Darklight gear. Demon Wall is a DPS check that blocks a lot of new players from completing the dungeon.

100 Philo. Tomestones
40 Myth. Tomestones

The Bowl of Embers HM

Ifrit HM introduces bosses with more complex mechanics. Ifrit has a chance to drop an iLvl 60 weapon that will help with further progression.

10 Philo. Tomestones
4 Myth. Tomestones

A Relic Reborn

A Relic is the second best weapon you can get outside of Coil. This quest requires Chimera, Hydra, Amdapor Keep, all the primals, and 900 Philo. Tomestones. Progress in this quest before you kill Garuda.

The Howling Eye HM

This Trial drops a single iLvl70 weapon for any job. iLvl50+ gear does help in this fight, however, it is a check on skill more than gear.

15 Philo. Tomestones
10 Myth. Tomestones


This fight is simple in mechanics and a minor Check on gear for the tank. Have the unfinished relic equiped before entering this challenge.

Dhorme Chimera

This fight is an early skill check. You need a competent team to survive this challenge.

The Navel HM

The first major gear and skill check for all members of the raid. This fight will take a lot of practice. Titan drops an iLvl70 Weapon.

20 Philo. Tomestones
15 Myth. Tomestones

Completing your Relic! Now What?

Coil of Bahamut awaits! Everyone in this 8-man Raid needs to have cleared The Navel HM. Gear up in preparation! Melee jobs need 472 Accuracy, where magic only needs 437.

Binding Coil of Bahamut

This is an 8-man raid comprised of mini-dungeons that are separated into turns. Players can save progress and resume until Monday Reset.
This dungeon is currently the hardest in game and provides iLvl90 gear for participants.

50 Myth. Tomestones per Turn (except Turn 3).

The Grind Continues!

iLvl90 gear is next on the list! This can be found in Coil or bought with Myth. Tomestones.
Allagan iLvl90 gear (found in Coil) has different stats than AF[Myth] gear (bought with Myth. Tomestones). It's recommended to mix and match, deciding which stats benefit you the most.

You need 5,010 Mythology Tomestones for full AF[Myth] (aka AF+1).

A Relic +1

You need 3 Thavnairian Mist, for 300 Tomestones of Mythology each, with a grand total of 900 Tomestones of Mythology to upgrade your Relic to +1 and iLvl90.

STOP! Gear Check!

Amdapor Keep Requires most players to have some iLvl50+ gear. Demon Wall is a slight DPS Check!

STOP! Gear Check!

Titan Hard Mode requires an iLvl65+ gear average for each party member. This is important for all roles.

STOP! Gear Check!

Coil requires your top game. iLvl70+ gear average and accuracy cap are highly recommended before attempting this 8-man raid!

The Philosophy

Philo. Tomestones drop from L50 duties and are used in buying Darklight gear and an item for your Relic quest. It takes 5,910 for everything.

The Mythology

Myth. Tomestones drop from some L50 duties and cap at 300 per week, reset on Monday. In order to complete AF[Myth] gear and Relic +1, you need 5,910 . That's 5 months of grinding!

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