The King and Queen’s Horrorween Returns October 30


The longest-running community event in Tyria returns for its ominous sixteenth anniversary! On the eve of Halloween, join Daniel {{Frozenwind}} and {{Mad Queen}} Malafide for a grand party in Lion’s Arch. Dress your scariest for the spooktacular costume contest, ride the treacherous Rollerghoster, attend the concert of the Ghostly Quartet, or delve into the annual art contests.

Date and Time: October 30 at 8:30 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-8)
Location: Lion’s Arch, on European servers

The King and Queen have prepared a vast treasure trove of fantastic prizes for Tyrians young and old, along with many frights and delights. You could win coveted Community Chests, the Moot legendary mace, unique miniature codes, and over 10,000 gold worth of additional prizes!

The History of the Horrorween

The Horrorween has existed since the very first Halloween festival in the original Guild Wars®. The city of Lion’s Arch has been the site of much less festive horrors in the years since, but one thing is certain—you can’t kill this party!

Your Ticket to Ride

This year’s theme introduces a ghostly Ringmaster who traps the people of Tyria at his Haunted Carnival. Event attendees will take part in various carnival activities and sideshow attractions and work together with the two hosts to break the Ringmaster’s curse.

For more information on the event (available in English only), visit the
Horrorween website, join their
Discord server, and check out the announcement thread on the official Guild Wars 2 forums!

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Pink Day in LA 2021


Artist: Malicei

Celebrate the fourteenth annual Pink Day in LA community event on October 23! Every year, Gamers Giving Back and members of the Guild Wars® and Guild Wars 2 community raise funds to benefit the Canadian Cancer Society’s research to find a cure. Join the party and help support the cause!

Pink Day in LA (Lion’s Arch) began in the original Guild Wars in 2007. Friends within the game and members of the community gathered to remember those who died of cancer, to give hope and encouragement to everyone battling it, and to support their families as well.

During the event, stop by Lion’s Arch in Guild Wars 2 and play minigames like human darts, a tonic jumping puzzle race, and hide-and-seek. You can also participate in a medieval fashion contest and trivia competition for a chance to win fantastic prizes.

How to Participate

Date and Time: October 23, from 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) to 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7)
Location: The city of Lion’s Arch in Guild Wars 2, on NA and EU servers

Organizers will post the map locations 30 minutes prior to the event in the LFG tool for Central Tyria. Join the organizer’s squad and the game will attempt to place you in the instance with the rest of the squad when you enter Lion’s Arch, unless it is full.

If you’re playing Guild Wars 2 that day but you’re not able to join the event, dye your armor pink to show solidarity for the cause!


Donate CDN or more for a chance to win real-life rewards like autographed Guild Wars 2 art, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ backpacks, an ArenaNet Guild Wars 2 shirt and polo shirt donated by Colin Johanson, a Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire vinyl soundtrack, and items like mittens and mugs from the Canadian Cancer Society.

In-game prizes will be given out via event activities and during donation blitzes. You could win a legendary weapon, a Preserved Queen Bee infusion, globs of ectoplasm, and more! Contact Gamers Giving Back founder Yailith.4056 in Guild Wars 2 to donate in-game items, and your name will be recorded in the Hall of Heroes.

Volunteers are still needed to help with the event, so please contact AngelWriter.3652 if you’d like to be involved. Streamers can reach out to Ayin Maiden via the Gamers Giving Back Twitch channel.

For more updates and information, follow Gamers Giving Back on Twitter and join the community trivia Discord channel (available in English only).

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Team ArenaNet for Extra Life 2021


Team ArenaNet is getting ready for our fifth annual Extra Life Game Day event!

Our amazing community from across the globe has raised almost 0,000 USD for local children’s hospitals. This year we’ve got a legendary challenge for Tyria’s heroes: can you help us speedrun the next milestone and race all the way to 0,000 USD?

We need your help to make it happen. Check out the ArenaNet Super Team page for full details and to register for Extra Life in 2021!

What is Extra Life?

During the annual Extra Life marathon, teams and individuals from many gaming communities play for 24 hours to raise funds in support of Children’s Miracle Network, a network of 170 non-profit children’s hospitals throughout the United States and Canada. Donations pay healthcare costs for critically ill and injured children not covered by health insurance or Medicaid, help hospitals purchase pediatric medical equipment, and fund disease research.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to support families who lack health insurance and have children in urgent need of medical treatment. Children’s hospitals have a greater need to invest in personal protective equipment, COVID-19 testing supplies, telehealth services, and more.

Children’s Miracle Network has created the COVID-19 Impact Fund to help take care of their young patients during the pandemic. Your Extra Life 2021 donations will support this fund and help hospitals provide the lifesaving care kids need.

Join Team ArenaNet

We’re all working toward the same goal for Extra Life: helping kids! Everyone is invited to be part of Team ArenaNet. To join, visit the official Extra Life website and choose “Team ArenaNet” as your team when you sign up.

If you’d like to create your own team, we invite you to join the ArenaNet Super Team. When you sign up on the official Extra Life website, choose “Create a Sub Team.” Your team will still have its own page, members, and fundraising goals, but you’ll be recognized on the ArenaNet Super Team’s leaderboards and the funds you raise will contribute to the overall Super Team total.

You don’t have to livestream Guild Wars 2 to team up with us. You can stream a game of your choice, or raise funds by telling your friends, family, and colleagues how they can donate to support Extra Life.

Game Day: November 5

The ArenaNet team members are excited to kick off this year’s 24-hour streaming marathon. Our Extra Life Game Day event begins at noon Pacific Time on Friday, November 5 and ends at noon on Saturday, November 6.

You can watch the stream on our official Twitch channel. Stay tuned for more information on the fun we have planned—and visit our Team ArenaNet page to sign up or donate!

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Living World Season 5 Return: The Icebrood Saga Begins Next Week

Living World™ Return continues on October 19 with The Icebrood Saga! A cold wind carries insidious whispers as rising voices feed a firestorm of hatred. You’ll be asked to take sides—but what choice is there between a deadly freeze and a pyre?

We’ll spotlight one episode of Living World Season 5 each week, in chronological order. Log in during the week to unlock each episode for free.

As the episodes enter the spotlight, we’ll update them with new permanent achievements you can tackle at any time. Complete all the new achievements to progress toward legendary rewards! Check out our Guild Wars 2 Live: Summer 2021 overview to learn more.

You’ll need to own Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ to play episodes of The Icebrood Saga, but you can unlock them to play later if you haven’t upgraded your account yet. Completing previous content is not a requirement, but the Living World Season 5 storyline continues from Living World Season 4, so beware of spoilers!

Get Guild Wars 2 Gear from SteelSeries

The new Qck L Guild Wars 2 Edition mousepads and Speaker Plate Guild Wars 2 Edition* are available from SteelSeries starting today! Celebrate the return of Living World Season 5 and kick off your adventures in style.

*United States only.

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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons Winter Livestream Broadcast Schedule

More Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons™ previews are coming your way soon! As we look forward to the winter holidays and the expansion release day early in 2022, here’s a schedule of our planned Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons livestream broadcasts between now and launch.


October and November
  • October 22—Elite Specialization Beta 3 Preview
  • November 12—Echovald Wilds Map Tour
  • November 19—Jade Sea Map Tour
  • November 24—Siege Turtle Preview
December through February 2022

December 3—Expansion Gameplay Overview

  • New Story Characters
  • New Guild Hall
  • Arborstone Revitalization Mastery Track

January 28—New Kaineng City Map Tour
Late February 2022—Launch Day Celebration

Since this is an advance look at the schedule, please note that the topics and dates of each livestream broadcast are subject to change.

Look for news posts on our official website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts with more information about each livestream ahead of the broadcast dates, and follow our Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook accounts for notifications when they begin!

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Burn up the Night with the Foefire Chestguard and Legwraps

  • Foefire Chestguard and Foefire Legwraps


Haunt Ascalon—or just the local Halloween festivities. These items are made with 100% imitation Foefire, guaranteed* to emit zero heat and never turn you into a vengeful spirit.

Complete your look with incandescent adornments! The Foefire Mantle, Foefire Wraps, and Foefire Greaves are 20% off for a limited time.

What’s in Stock

We’re refreshing our seasonal selection of unlimited gathering tools, so stop in later this week to stock up on logging, mining, and harvesting tools…forever.

Returning Today
20% Off—Spooky Mounts Pack and Ghostly Outfit

Returning This Week
20% Off—Nightspeaker Outfit, Nightspeaker Greatsword, and Nightspeaker Wings Backpack and Glider Combo

Available Now in the Gem Store!

Log into Guild Wars 2 and press 'O' to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

*The Black Lion Trading Company is not responsible for injury or death resulting from the cosmetic application of imitation Foefire. Please exercise extreme caution when adventuring.

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Celebrate Spookiness with the Reaper’s Vision Chest

  • Darkest Abyss Dye Kit


Show off your dark side. No, we mean your darker side. Your very darkest side—but with just a splash of brilliant color. Open this dye kit to find a random dye from a pool of 25 somber shades, including six new exclusive colors: Abyssal Twilight, Abyssal Sun, Abyssal Rose, Abyssal Ridge, Abyssal Flame, and Abyssal Depths.

Hound of Balthazar Warclaw Skin


Nothing captures the true spirit of Halloween like charging through the Mists on a monstrous animal surrounded by divine flame. Your enemies will be terrified, at least.

This very good dog is available for direct purchase and can be found as an uncommon drop in Reaper’s Vision Chests.

Reaper’s Vision Chest


Inside each chest, you’re guaranteed to find a redeemable Black Lion Statuette, the Evon Gnashblade Trick-or-Treat Bag, and two common items. You also have a chance to find something rarer in the fifth slot, including special items, glyphs, and skins from the Gargoyle Weapon Collection and Dark Wing Weapon Collection.

Exclusive Item—Seven Reapers Helm Skin
Mad King Thorn may rule his realm, but death abides in its own domain. Remind the tricky tyrant of his mortality with this helm skin and the returning Seven Reapers Greaves Skin, which can be found as uncommon drops inside Black Lion Chests.

What’s in Stock

Need a last-minute costume? We’re refreshing our stock of armor skin sets this week, so come in and see what catches your eye!

Returning Today
20% Off—Permanent Scarecrow Finisher, Haunted Armor Outfit, Arachnid Glider, Ghoul Backpack and Mini Set, and Bone Pick

Returning This Week
20% Off—Bloody Prince’s Outfit, Mini Elonian Familiar, Bat Wings Headpiece, Mistlock Sanctuary Passkey, and Armistice Bastion Pass

Available Now in the Gem Store!

Log into Guild Wars 2 and press 'O' to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

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