BWE 3 Necromancer PvP [70% Crit, Sigil of Earth, Axe]


I was playing around with different condition builds during BWE 3, I didn’t get a ton of time on necro and I’m not saying these builds are amazing. I’m just posting videos of the builds I was testing during BWE 3. You’ll see me switching utilities and even wep sets as I test. If anything I hope you can get an idea of things you like and dislike from watching these and hopefully come up with your own build that suits your style. In this build I maxed crit chance with traits and runes, then used Sigil of Earth (60% Chance to cause a 5s Bleed on critical hit.) to proc bleeds off fast hitting axe and scepter crits.

Skill Calc;08-44FKlHVB0p33JkJ0;9;4TT-9-45A14A;14;3K…

Lasting Light (Us Against Ourselves Remix)
Levels (Dat Beat Remix)

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