Necromancer Fear Dot PvP [Master of Terror Build] ft Devourerofmemes


So I’ve been busy working on our site, but I felt like a new video was long over due. This is a fear dot master of terror build, but I’m using Spectral Walk utility since Gibbly’s reddit post inspired me to try it out. The first clips are different burst rotations, if you save your staff 4 for a condi swap you need to go straight into scepter swap after ds 2, however if you use staff 4 as an opener your staff 2 is up so you can use it before swapping. I showed both variations. I prefer keeping hemophilia and lingering curse traits, Gibbly prefers weakening shroud and master of corruption. Play around with the build and find what fits your playstyle best. Thanks for watching!

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Post Last Modified: May 15, 2013 11:13 am