ST 6 Necromancer PvP [Condition/Crit/Epidemic]


This is currently my favorite build going into launch, this has great condition control, for 5’s teams. The ideal rotation would be getting your “aoe condition stacks” with staff marks, switch to scepter get up your bleed stacks, corrupt boon, then epidemic to spread everything. I tried to get clips of me using epidemic in larger fights. Try to remember to use your #4 dagger skill to transfer conditions that you are gaining with plague signet, I need to focus on it more because I missed a lot of opportunities to use it. Thanks for watching

Conversion of Boons to Conditions…

ITM Skill Calc;0_-34FKlHFC0r37IkJ0;9;5T9-T;115A1;318AU-F4UJG4jwmAjwmA2Zw

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