PvP Warrior’s Bull’s Charge, Frenzy, 100 Blades Combo


This was taken from the stress test between BWE 1 and 2, I played war for a couple matches as you can see there was some lag issues during the test. I just wanted to get fraps of the Bull’s Charge, Frenzy, Hundred Blades combo. Don’t use this build for anything other than laughs in Hot Join!

Rune of the Eagle
[1] +25 Precision.
[2] +3% Critical Damage.
[3] +50 Precision.
[4] +5% Critical Damage.
[5] +90 Precision.
[6] +5% Damage vs targets with less than 50% health.

Berserker’s Amulet: +798 Power/+569 Precision/+284 Vitality/+15% Critical Damage

Sigil of Force: +5% Damage

Alive by Eliot Lipp (http://www.prettylightsmusic.com/therecordlabel/)

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