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Guide to Sigils and Potions in Dungeons

Sigils (Dungeons) AC Sigil of Night/Force. (Can use Sigils of Ghost Slaying but only works for ghost mobs not gravelings) CM Sigil of Justice/Force TA Sigil of Night/Dreams SE P1: Sigil of Night/Mad Scientist P2: Sigil of Night/Sorrow P3: Sigil of Night/Sorrow CoF Sigil of Night/Smothering HoTW P1: Sigil of Wrath/Force (Only for Legendary bosses) – Read More…

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Intothemists – Episode 10: Sept Feature Patch Analysis

Anet has announced the next feature patch for Guild Wars 2. Lethe gives his analysis of the the upcoming blog posts.

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Intothemists – Episode 8: WvW now and in the future

Lethe discussing the current state of WvW and what is/may be coming in the future.

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Intothemists – Ep. 7 – Advanced Elementalist

The Lethe and “Little Lootbag” talk about advanced Elementalist game play. Included is thorough knowledge of staff fighting in teams for wvw, what to do when focused, and Dagger Dagger ele gameplay. This is an extremely in depth and thorough discussion and is very well worth the time!

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IntoTheMists – Episode 6: Elementalists in WvW

In this episode Lethe goes into the intricacies of Elementalists and how to play them effectively by showing some of the powerful combos and common mistakes to avoid.

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Intothemists Episode 5 Surviving Big WvW Battles

Lethe gets naked and shows the secrets of surviving huge WvW fights and the common mistakes made.

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Intothemists – Episode 4: Basic Guide to WvW Commanding

Episode 4 is all about how to command effectively in WvW. Lethe provides 6 basic keys to becoming an effective commander. 1. Read the map 2. Communicate 3. Delegate 4. Control the supply 5. Know your battlefield tactics 6. Siege

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Intothemists Episode 3: The Fall and Rise of Henge of Denravi

In this Episode Lethe questions Tifa Ran of Henge of Denravi about the fall and rise of HoD, and whether or not they have ambitions to compete for Tier 1.

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Intothemists Episode 2: The Future of WvW

In this episode of the Into The Mists podcast, The Lethe Guardian delves into the future of World vs World, what Arenanet is working on, ideas on how to improve WvW, future seasons, and more!

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Intothemists Leadership Interview – Zudoari from TC In this final interview with T1 leadership, Lethe sits down with Zudoari from the Tarnished Coast guild KAZO. This is the full length interview that was featured in part in the Intothemists Episode 1 T1 WvW Leadership Interview.

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