Thief sPvP | Tournament Dagger/Pistol, Sword/Pistol | Farpoint assaulter Cruuk's Decapitation Build

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heres my most recent video of the spec


Hey everyone i just started playing again i thought id update the page and fill you in on what im playing now and how the build is playing now a days.


Once again, This build is designed to create uneven teamfights or setup free decaps


Guaranteed 100% 5v4 / 4v3 or free decap


As well as being able to 1v1 basically any spec/class


Warning this thief build actually takes some skill




This is not a pick up and play spec it requires a lot of practice to master


Initiative control is required
(i just started streaming again so ill have some videos soon against top teams)

I. Weapons and Skills

PvP Dagger
  • Weapon Strength: 924-981
PvP Pistol
  • Weapon Strength: 876-1029
PvP Sword
  • Weapon Strength: 905-1000
PvP Pistol
  • Weapon Strength: 876-1029
PvP Harpoon gun
  • Weapon Strength: 905-1000
PvP Spear
  • Weapon Strength: 905-1000
  • Hook Strike¾
    Attack your foes with stealth, knocking enemies down.
    Damage: 163Knockdown: 2sRange: 130
  • Double Strike
    Strike your foe twice.
    Damage (2x): 188Range: 130
    • Wild Strike
      Strike your foe again. Gain endurance with a successful strike.
      Damage: 286Endurance gain: 10Range: 130
    • Lotus Strike¼
      Strike your foe and inflict poison.
      Damage: 286Poison: 4 s (336 damage)Range: 130
  • Heartseeker¾ 3
    Leap and strike your foe. The less health your target has, the more damage you cause.
    Above 50%: 420Below 50%: 504Below 25%: 672Combo Finisher: LeapRange: 450
    • 0
    • 0
  • Shadow Shot4
    Dual wield. Fire a blinding shot at your foe, then shadowstep to them for a dagger strike.
    Blind: 5 sDamage: 420Combo Finisher: ProjectileUnblockableRange: 900
    • 0
    • 0
  • Headshot4
    Daze your foe with a head shot.
    Damage: 84Daze: ¼ sCombo Finisher: ProjectileRange: 900
    • 0
    • 0
  • Black Powder½ 6
    Fire a black powder shot, blinding nearby foes with the smoke cloud.
    Damage: 84Duration: 4Combo Field: SmokeCombo Finisher: ProjectileRange: 900
    • 0
    • 0
  • Withdraw15
    Trick. Roll backward while healing and evade attacks. Cures immobilized, chilled, and crippled.
    Healing: 3,960
    • 0
  • Blinding Powder 40
    Deception. Blind foes in the target area and grant stealth to nearby allies.
    Blind: 5 sStealth: 3 sRadius: 240
    • 0
  • Shadowstep50
    Deception. Shadowstep to the target location. Becomes Shadow Return, which returns you to your starting area and cures three conditions.
    Breaks stunRange: 1,200
    • Shadow Return
      Return to your starting location and cure three conditions.
      Break stunRange: 1,200
  • Shadow Trap ½ 45
    Trap. Set a trap. The first enemy to trigger this trap becomes marked. You may activate Shadow Pursuit to shadowstep to the marked enemy.
    Stealth: 5 sDuration: 120Unblockable
    • Destroy Shadow Trap
      Trap. Destroy your existing trap, teleporting you back to it, and setting it on recharge.
      Stealth Duration: 5Range: 10,000Break Stun
  • Dagger Storm 90
    Trick. Spin around, reflecting projectiles and throwing daggers that cripple and bleed nearby foes. You can move while spinning.
    Damage: 244Crippled: 2 sDuration: 8Bleeding: 5 s (213 damage)x3Stability: 3 s (per pulse)Combo Finisher: WhirlRange: 900
    • 0

Weapon and Skill Details

D/p is going to be your bread and butter for this build you want to mainly stick with this throughout the fights unless you go against something that has a lot of pets like a necro or spirit ranger in which case s/p is very useful for keeping you alive and cleaving down pets with signet of malice healing you for each hit on each pet. S/p is also very good at cleaving downed bodies and stunning the rezzer or if the other team is very clumped up together. When using s/p make sure to have your passive signet of malice because it will heal you a lot. Also know that you have 3 choices of second wep sets which are s/d s/p and sb all viable and should be chosen to counter what your going up against.


SIGNET OF MALICE: I chose signet of malice because of the short cooldown(12 sec) the iniative gain(2) and the might stack(5 might for 16 sec) and also for the passive heal on pistol whip and sometimes dagger storm. Its Best to use this in stealth so not to be interrupted. Dont be afraid of using this offensively for might stacks for backstabs since its on a 12 sec cooldown or defensively for initiative and heals. Sometimes hide in shadows can be better against heavy condi teams like double necro but if theres a spirit ranger ill keep sig of malice for daggerstorm heals and pistol whip heals


BLINDING POWDER: I use Blinding powder as a stun breaker even though it isnt one it acts like one. Giving me stealth to remove immob/condi/fear and blinding anyone near me when im stunned or w/e. It can also be used as a reset when you've used up your initiative and need to get back into stealth. And remember this build gives health regen / condi removal / and initiative for stealth. I recommend using blinding powder defensively. Someimtes i swap this for shadow step against cc warrior teams since they can quad stun u and beserker stance will eat throught the blind from blinding powder


SHADOW STEP: Shadow step is just used againt for more survival and mobility im using blinding powder and shadow step because of the new meta being so bursty.


SHADOW TRAP: Shadow trap kind of speaks for its self although if you didnt know they did put it on a 2 min cooldown. You can drop it either where you think they might trigger it telling you they are coming to mid or hide it using it later when u please. If you drop it where you think they will trigger it you normally want a tanky team at mid so you they can survive the 4v5 while you get the decap or full cap and come back to mid ruffly 10-20 secs later. If your team is more glassy you want to leave it where they cant find it and wait for the 5v5 to be decided before going back to decap. In some occasions u can also use this to get back into stealth if you really need to but i dont recommend that unless you absolutely need to to survive. Also probably the greatest thing about this utility is that it makes you basically unkillable in team fights since you always got that break stun port which not only saves your life but puts you in a great position for a free decap while you regain you health from the distance you've traveled


ELITE SKILL: I tend to change my elite skill depending on who im going up against in the match. I will use Dagger storm against teams with backpoint spirit rangers and some mesmers that leave clones out because of the signet of malice passive basically killing the spirits and healing me to full. Daggerstorm is also amazing on foefire for rushing into boss since it will reflect the casters attacks and kill them. As far as thieves guild and basilisk. Basilisk is meant more for teamfights and thieves guild is meant more for certain 1v1s and killing second objective bosses / trebs and stuff like that to make things quicker.


OPTIONAL OVER either blinding pwder or shadow step agaisnt bunkery teams
ASSASSIN'S SIGNET: I chose Assassins signet again for the same reasons as malice initiative(2)and might stack(5) + its 15% damage increase on next 5 attacks and with the 16 sec duration on might gain from signets you will be able to get 3 backstabs off at 18-25 might and 15% increased damage. Can also be used defensivly for initiative. (Also when u pop Assassins sig your able to get 3 or 4 backstabs of if you dont do auto attacks on the target so its best not to waste 15% damage on some auto attacks when u can use that damage for another massive backstab 3-4 times)

II. Traits

Adept Master Grandmaster

Trait Details

This build has very high sustainability for surviving in any number of 1v2-3-4-5s because of the perma stealth which is required when being a far point theif imo. You also have condi removal / health regen / and lots of initiative regain for getting back into stealth. You have the most mobility in the game with 50% speed in stealth and 33% speed after dodge rolls. At first glance u might think the damage would be lacking but with the might you gain from stacking your stealth u are able to pull of two to three 18-23 might stack backstabs with your signets popped very often. You will be using backstabs as your main source of damage going in and out of stealth which will always crit 100% of the time. In some occasions soldiers ammy with a berserker jewel is useful against very high power damage teams which gives you 1800 toughness without losing barely any damage just crits on auto attacks not backstabs.


Also your condi removal in stealth automatically procs 1 condi removal when you go into stealth instantly and another at the 3 sec mark. So it basically removes 2 per 3 secs. And also remember to watch out for the Last Refuge (5 in Shadow arts) it will automatically proc at 25% health which can sometimes be more harmful then helpful when u heartseeker through a black powder to get into stealth and it procs right before you land the heartseeker giving you revealed. And its even harder to deal with cause its on a 60 sec cooldown so you never really know if its off cooldown or not lol so this is another obstical you have to be aware of.


III. Stat Specifics & Effects

Primary Stats

  • Health 14125 (+2480)
  • Vitality 1164 (+248)
  • Armor 2280 (+300)
  • Toughness 1216 (+300)
  • Attack 3296 (+1375)
  • Power 2291 (+1375)
  • Critical Hit 57% (+57%)
  • Precision 2116 (+1200)

Secondary Stats

  • Boon Duration 10% (+10%)
  • Critical Damage 80% (+80%)
  • Damage 1005 (+0%)
  • Defense 1064 (+0)
  • Ferocity 1200 (+1200)
  • Healing Power 300 (+300)
  • Might Duration 45% (+45%)


  • Aegis
    Block the next attack.
  • Distortion
    Allows mesmers to evade attacks for some time.
  • Frenzy
    Increases damage taken by 25%. It typically seen as a mechanic to offset a beneficial effect such as quickness.
  • Frosty Armor
    Chills foes that hit you.
  • Fury
    20% critical chance increase. Stacks in duration.
  • Haste
    Regenerate endurance at 50% effectiveness when under the effects of this skill. It's typically seen as a mechanic to offset a beneficial effect such as quickness.
  • Invulnerability
    Prevents the target from taking damage or receiving conditions. It is also placed on rallied players for one second.
  • Might
    X damage per attack increase. Stacks intensity.
  • Protection
    33% damage reduction. Stacks in duration.
  • Quickening Zephyr
    Prevents healing. It typically seen as a mechanic to offset a beneficial effect such as quickness.
  • Quickness
    Makes all skills and actions 50% faster.
  • Regeneration
    Regenerates X health per second. Stacks in duration.
  • Rejuvenation
    Regenerates health. This effect is exclusive to the guardian profession through the Virtue of Resolve.
  • Resistance
    Resistance temporarily negates the affected target of all effects caused by conditions.
  • Retaliation
    Does X damage to an opponent each time they hit you. Stacks in duration.
  • Smiting
    Causes every fifth attack to apply burning. This effect is exclusive to the guardian profession.
  • Stability
    Cannot be knocked down, pushed back, launched, stunned, dazed, floated, sunk, or feared.
  • Stealth
    Allows the user to be invisible to enemy players and avoid being spotted by enemy NPCs.
  • Swiftness
    33% movement speed increase. Stacks in duration.
  • Vigor
    Faster endurance regeneration. Stacks in duration.


  • Agony
    Agony is an effect unique to Fractals of the Mists that removes a percentage of the player's health every second and reduces received healing by ~50%.
  • Bleeding
    Bleeding is a stackable condition that deals damage over time.
  • Blind
    Causes the target's next hit to miss instead.
  • Burning
    Inflicts X damage per second. Stacks in duration.
  • Chilled
    Reduces movement speed and skill recharge by 66%. Stacks in duration.
  • Confusion
    Inflicts X damage each time a foe uses skill. Stacks in intensity.
  • Crippled
    Crippled is a condition which decreases movement speed by 50%. Stacks in duration.
  • Fear
    Causes the target to run directly away from the caster.
  • Immobilized
    Immobilized is a condition which prevents movement and dodging. Victims also can't turn. Stacks in duration.
  • Poison
    Inflicts X damage per second. Reduces outgoing heals by 33%. Stacks in duration.
  • Slow
    Slow is a condition that reduces the activation time of skills and abilities.
  • Taunt
    Taunt is a control effect that forces the affected target to run towards the source of taunt with all skills except stun breakers disabled while using their auto-attack skill.
  • Torment
    Deals damage every second; deals additional damage if moving; stacks intensity.
  • Vulnerability
    Increases damage the target takes by 1%. Stacks in intensity.
  • Weakness
    Causes 50% of attacks to be glancing and reduces endurance regeneration by 50%. Stacks in duration.


  • Break Stun
    Stun break is an effect which can break control effects on a character.
  • Daze
    Interrupts and prevents the target from using skills for a period of time.
  • Float
    Forces the affected target(s) to move towards the surface.
  • Knockdown
    Interrupts and causes the foe to be unable to move or use skills for a short duration. Knocked down foes fall to the ground.
  • Launch
    Interrupts and tosses a character into the air.
  • Pull
    Shortens the distance between the user and the foe by drawing one of them to another. If a foe is pulled, this can result in an interrupt.
  • Push
    Physically pushes foes away from the player and interrupts them.
  • Sink
    Forces the affected target(s) to move away from the surface.
  • Stun
    Interrupts, immobilizes, and incapacitates foes for a short duration.
  • Teleport
    Teleport to target location.
  • Teleport
    Teleport (alternatively, flash) is a mechanic that causes the user or target(s) to instantly move from one location to another.

Fields & Finishers

  • Dark Field
    Dark Combo Effects

    Blast Finisher: Area Blindness
    Leap Finisher: Blindness
    Projectile Finisher: Life stealing
    Whirl Finsher: Leeching Bolts
  • Ethereal Field
    Ethereal Combo Effects

    Blast Finisher: Area Chaos Armor
    Leap Finisher: Chaos Armor
    Projectile Finisher: Confusion
    Whirl Finsher: Confounding Bolts
  • Fire Field
    Fire Combo Effects

    Blast Finisher: Area Might
    Leap Finisher: Fire Shield
    Projectile Finisher: Burning
    Whirl Finsher: Burning Bolts
  • Ice Field
    Ice Combo Effects

    Blast Finisher: Area Frost Aura
    Leap Finisher: Frost Aura
    Projectile Finisher: Chilled
    Whirl Finsher: Chilling Bolts
  • Light Field
    Light Combo Effects

    Blast Finisher: Area Retaliation
    Leap Finisher: Retaliation
    Projectile Finisher: Remove Condition
    Whirl Finsher: Cleansing Bolts
  • Lightning Field
    Lightning Combo Effects

    Blast Finisher: Area Swiftness
    Leap Finisher: Dazing Strike
    Projectile Finisher: Vulnerability
    Whirl Finsher: Brutal Bolts
  • Poison Field
    Poison Combo Effects

    Blast Finisher: Area Weakness
    Leap Finisher: Weakness
    Projectile Finisher: Poison
    Whirl Finsher: Poison Bolts
  • Revealed
    Revealed is an effect applied when stealth is broken, for example by entering combat or exiting a Shadow Refuge circle prematurely.
  • Smoke Field
    Smoke Combo Effects

    Blast Finisher: Area Stealth
    Leap Finisher: Stealth
    Projectile Finisher: Blindness
    Whirl Finsher: Blinding Bolts
  • Super Speed
    Activate your slick shoes, enabling you to move at superior speeds.
  • Water Field
    Water Combo Effects

    Blast Finisher: Area Healing
    Leap Finisher: Healing
    Projectile Finisher: Regeneration
    Whirl Finsher: Healing Bolts
  • Blast Finisher
    Blast Combo Effects

    Dark: Area Blindness
    Ethereal: Area Chaos Armor
    Fire: Area Might
    Ice: Area Frost Aura
    Light: Area Retaliation
    Lightning: Area Swiftness
    Poison: Area Weakness
    Smoke: Area Stealth
    Water: Area Healing
  • Leap Finisher
    Leap Combo Effects

    Dark: Blindness
    Ethereal: Chaos Armor
    Fire: Fire Shield
    Ice: Frost Aura
    Light: Retaliation
    Lightning: Dazing Strike
    Poison: Weakness
    Smoke: Stealth
    Water: Healing
  • Projectile Finisher
    Projectile Combo Effects

    Dark: Life stealing
    Ethereal: Confusion
    Fire: Burning
    Ice: Chilled
    Light: Remove Condition
    Lightning: Vulnerability
    Poison: Poison
    Smoke: Blindness
    Water: Regeneration
  • Whirl Finisher
    Whirl Combo Effects

    Dark: Leeching Bolts
    Ethereal: Confounding Bolts
    Fire: Burning Bolts
    Ice: Chilling Bolts
    Light: Cleansing Bolts
    Lightning: Brutal Bolts
    Poison: Poison Bolts
    Smoke: Blinding Bolts
    Water: Healing Bolts

Stat and Effect Details

Blind will be a major advantage in any 1v1 with black powder giving you a ranged and melee range blind which will allow you to heartseeker through it to gain stealth very easily. You also have a teleport which you will be leaving at far point where they wouldnt normally accidentally trigger it. You also have poison that you stack on players with your 4th auto attack from dagger. This isnt a heavy condi or control spec but you will be able to put out alot of damage giving you 3800 power backstabs (100% crit) and have the best survival in the game imo if you plays this correctly and are aware of your suroundings

IV. Runes, Sigils, Accessories & Jewels

Armor & Runes

PvP Rune of Strength
  1. Power: 25
  2. Might Duration: 10%
  3. Power: 50
  4. +15% Might Duration; 25% chance when struck to gain might for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 5 seconds)
  5. Power: 100
  6. +20% Might Duration; +5% damage while under the effects of might.
PvP Rune of Strength
  1. Power: 25
  2. Might Duration: 10%
  3. Power: 50
  4. +15% Might Duration; 25% chance when struck to gain might for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 5 seconds)
  5. Power: 100
  6. +20% Might Duration; +5% damage while under the effects of might.
PvP Rune of Strength
  1. Power: 25
  2. Might Duration: 10%
  3. Power: 50
  4. +15% Might Duration; 25% chance when struck to gain might for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 5 seconds)
  5. Power: 100
  6. +20% Might Duration; +5% damage while under the effects of might.
PvP Rune of Strength
  1. Power: 25
  2. Might Duration: 10%
  3. Power: 50
  4. +15% Might Duration; 25% chance when struck to gain might for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 5 seconds)
  5. Power: 100
  6. +20% Might Duration; +5% damage while under the effects of might.
PvP Rune of Strength
  1. Power: 25
  2. Might Duration: 10%
  3. Power: 50
  4. +15% Might Duration; 25% chance when struck to gain might for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 5 seconds)
  5. Power: 100
  6. +20% Might Duration; +5% damage while under the effects of might.
PvP Rune of Strength
  1. Power: 25
  2. Might Duration: 10%
  3. Power: 50
  4. +15% Might Duration; 25% chance when struck to gain might for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 5 seconds)
  5. Power: 100
  6. +20% Might Duration; +5% damage while under the effects of might.

Rune Stat Totals

  • Power 175
  • Might Duration 45%

Rune Bonuses

PvP Rune of Strength
  1. Power: 25
  2. Might Duration: 10%
  3. Power: 50
  4. +15% Might Duration; 25% chance when struck to gain might for 10 seconds. (Cooldown: 5 seconds)
  5. Power: 100
  6. +20% Might Duration; +5% damage while under the effects of might.

Accessories & Jewels

Berserker's Amulet
  • Power: 1200
  • Precision: 900
  • Ferocity: 900
  • Power: 0
  • Precision: 0
  • Ferocity: 0
  • Vitality: 0

Accessory Totals

  • Power:1200
  • Precision:900
  • Ferocity:900
  • Vitality:0

Weapon Set Sigils

PvP Dagger
  • Weapon Strength: 924-981
PvP Pistol
  • Weapon Strength: 876-1029
Sigil of Superior Air
50% chance to cause a lightning strike on a critical hit. (This effect cannot trigger more than once every 3 seconds)
Sigil of Superior Fire
50% chance to cause flame blast on critical hit causing AoE damage. (This effect cannot trigger more than once every 5s)

Weapon Set I

Sigil of Superior Air

50% chance to cause a lightning strike on a critical hit. (This effect cannot trigger more than once every 3 seconds)

Sigil of Superior Fire

50% chance to cause flame blast on critical hit causing AoE damage. (This effect cannot trigger more than once every 5s)

PvP Sword
  • Weapon Strength: 905-1000
PvP Pistol
  • Weapon Strength: 876-1029
Superior Sigil of Generosity
60% chance to transfer a condition to your foe on critical hit. (Cooldown: 10 Seconds)
Sigil of Superior Bloodlust
You gain +10 power each time you kill a foe. (max 25 stacks and ends on down or weapon change)

Weapon Set II

Superior Sigil of Generosity

60% chance to transfer a condition to your foe on critical hit. (Cooldown: 10 Seconds)

Sigil of Superior Bloodlust

You gain +10 power each time you kill a foe. (max 25 stacks and ends on down or weapon change)

PvP Harpoon gun
  • Weapon Strength: 905-1000
PvP Spear
  • Weapon Strength: 905-1000

Water Weapon I

Water Weapon II

Upgrade Item Details

Runes of strength is what i chose because of the might stacking im doing at all times and its better than scholar once u are below 90% health which is what i used to use


Berserker ammy is what i normally run with unless its a full power damage team in which soldiers ammy with a berserker jewel is very good considering you only lose auto attack crits and 15% crit power. You will still put out massive backstabs and have 1900 toughness to compensate


EDIT: I am using Fire and air since they both proc now off crits


I use bloodlust for stacking power with stomps on my pistol in s/p

V. Basic Gameplay

Since the patch things are a bit differnt we cant stack stealth as long as before but we can do it much more often now allow us a more offensive gameplay which is how ive always played before i normally only do 2-3 heartseekers in combat now throught black powder but if i wanted to get 4 i still can with a sig popd.
Initiative control is everything in this build so you must be very aware of your initiative at all times. You can also use blinding powder when necessary if you are low on initiative or are CC'd. You use this mainly as a stun breaker even tho it isnt one it works like one. Giving you stealth and blinding anyone around you as well as removing condi/immob/fear and healing you. You also want to use your signet of malice heal in stealth so it isnt interrupted or if you need initiative each signet gives u 2 initiative so you can use ur signets offensively or defensively to burst or get back into stealth.
Lastly is shadow trap which is a teleport used to decap far point. First i make my presence known trying to let the guy at far know im coming hoping he will ask for help. Its a huge bonus if they have 2 at far point because it leaves them in a 3v4 at mid but if they dont bite I leave shadow trap at far point dropping it in stealth where they wont see it and or trigger it accidentally and going to mid for the team fight making it a 5v4 until the far point comes to make it an even 5v5 you should always fake a stealth towards his point when he gets near mid it will almost always make them run back to their home and create an even longer 5v4. Unless there is a mesmer/thief at their far in wish you want to win the 1v1 against the Mesmer/thief at far so they dont have a port out when you would normally go for decap. Also if you have a tanky team you can leave the trap where they will trigger it letting you know they left far and decap while they come to mid(This requires a tanky mid fight team because they will have the 5v4 advantage for 15 sec or so while you get back to mid but you will have the decap for however long the teamfight lasts. But normally you want to wait for the team fight to be decided (aka someone dies) in either favor yours or there's to leave and decap there point. once there u will fully cap and win the 1v1 if someone comes or hold the nute (if they are glassy focus less on holding the nute and more on killing them, and if they are tanky focus more on holding the nute). If 2 ppl come to far point to try and get you off you should perma stealth and wait for the second guy to start making his way back to mid and kill him along the way while leaving a shadow trap at far if its off cooldown. If his friend comes to help him just stealth by and beat them back to the point with the 50% movement speed in stealth or tele back with shadow trap. and repeat process.
Team fights are also very good in this spec allowing you to get multiple backstabs off with the amount of break aways and resets as well as blinding powder for saving your teamate from getting stomped. Your also able to train people outskirts kind of like the s/d builds that distract only this is a stealth variation of that allowing you to over extend to keep them focused more on you rather then the teamfight.
Also if they ever send 4 to your home point your guardian needs to react first and help home and you make your way to mid leaving a trap on mid and going help home as well making it a 5v4 and just port back to mid if their guy on far point comes to mid.


Key NOTE : Never ever go for a 1v1 when they have the point capped in their favor. If you they get the cap on the 1v1 and your not going to kill them in the next few seconds leave a shadow trap and go to mid and wait for the next decap after the next team fight is decided BTw you dont have to fight 1v1s you dont want to fight u can always go mid and outnumber them while they cap their point back. Which is why this spec is not counterable if the enemy team puts someone who can beat u at their home then u just ignore him and decap and leave and play mind games with him faking stealth over to his point and making him run back making the 5v4 longer

Main Skill Rotation

You want to start out each fight with backstab stacking some stealth with black powder and 3-4 heartseekers to guarantee enough stealth for backstabs. After the backstab you have 4 secs to get a few auto attacks and to dodge an attack before going back into the 5/2(black powder to heartseeker) combo stacking another 2-3 heartseekers (A lot of detargeting is required. After the first heartseeker through black powder you have to detarget and heartseeker through black powder a few more times without a target so make sure you have auto targeting off in options). Initiative control is required to do this if you need to use headshot for an interrupt or shadow shot to get a ranged backstab make sure you have atleast a signet to give u ur initiative back or blinding powder to bring your initiative back up for the 5/2 combo again. You can use your signets offensively or defensively for more might stack burst or initiative. Its more about making sure you can survive after each backstab.




S/p is also very useful in fights against downed body pressure interrupting rezzers and aoeing the downed body. Its also very useful against something that has pets or 3 or more targets grouped up like spirit rangers or pet necros or w/e your passive signet of malice heal with pistol whip usually giving you 3k+ heals each pistol whip if your cleaving him and his pets.


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@ 10:25 AM, Wed July 17 2013 Reply
This build is a pain to play against in the hands of the right thief. It'll basically lock someone down at home point, and usually for teams to send 2 people to deal with the thief, and they can be disastrous.
@ 01:45 AM, Thu July 18 2013 Reply
Is there any video of gameplay of this build? I've started using it but don't think I have the overall idea.
@ 02:41 AM, Thu July 18 2013 Reply
i just started streaming again this week so ill get a scrim against a top team to show u how it plays soon and link it on here
@ 04:14 AM, Thu July 18 2013 Reply
Cool. Thanks!
NoDiggity @ 04:22 AM, Fri July 19 2013 Reply
I can't manage to use heartseeker multiple times in black powder. My camera looks from the top on the head of my character and I have autotargeting and nothing targeted. Help? :P
NoDiggity @ 04:23 AM, Fri July 19 2013 Reply
Nvm, I get it. I have to jump through it, not stay in it all the time.
@ 09:52 PM, Fri July 19 2013 Reply
Ya a good thing to do is make a square of the black powder as you heartseek through it. Kind of cutting the corners so to speak. Or you can just angle the camera on the 3rd heartseeker as you come back into it. Once you nail the 4 combo the real challenge comes with trying to avoid hitting anything.
@ 10:46 AM, Wed July 24 2013 Reply
Build looks solid, however, I am having trouble keeping my health up. I die so fast as well not sure why.
@ 01:06 PM, Thu July 25 2013 Reply
Patience is everything in this build you have the ability to fully reset in stealth if you need to. Its more about finding that sweet spot of damage and regen. You also have the 12 sec heal which you should be using when your in stealth not out of it. The heal should bring u up over 50% health everytime if not more with the added regen. So just make sure when you get low to stealth and wait for the heal before attacking again which should almost always be up. If your still having trouble id recommend soldiers ammy with beserker jewel. You will still have huge crits but your auto attacks will suffer a bit and your toughness will be greatly increased. The only reason i run beserker ammy is because im used the spec enough to survive without soldiers ammy.
@ 12:54 PM, Fri July 26 2013 Reply
Great Guide Cruuk! I have been using this to much success. I really love having access to Headshot on both sets. <3
@ 11:46 AM, Tue July 30 2013 Reply
Great stuff Cruuk. I watched you on stream and was really sick how you kept control of the far camp and mid.
@ 03:47 AM, Fri August 02 2013 Reply
Newbee thief here :)
Having fun working on getting good at this build, seems fun. However I have troubles with ground aoe, it is very hard to get a stealth in when fighing them. Any tips?
@ 03:55 AM, Fri August 02 2013 Reply
To clarify, when fighting casters, ground aoe makes it hard to sneak up for a backstab, and restealth. I tried going sw/pis on them too but their pets are strong. Maybe best to avoid them all together, unless a sneak attack is possible!?
@ 11:11 AM, Sun August 04 2013 Reply
as far as Aoe first if you can dodge roll it then do that above all. But if you cant i would recommend waiting until the aoe attack to go through and then shoot a shadow shot which will not only blind him but backstab him if your in stealth and tap 1(auto attack) which will backstab instead of doing the shadow shot damage. This will not only keep u away from the aoe walking up for a backstab but will blind the next aoe/single target attack. giving you room to get some damage out and dodge/black powder until your reveald debuff is over. If your in a teamfight and there is aoe its a good idea for anyone to avoid this so you should do the same if possible and kill someone out the outskirts while thats going on which normally pulls attention to you and you can distract 2-3 people which is always helpful for your team since you can survive in those situations
@ 12:14 AM, Tue August 13 2013 Reply
Are you using this build in soloQ?
@ 08:20 PM, Sun August 18 2013 Reply
He is
@ 01:06 AM, Sun August 25 2013 Reply
Really good and well thought trough build you got here! Tried it out and had some fun with it, but I guess it's just not my cup of tea. Very good synergy between traits and the way you play it.
@ 08:50 AM, Tue August 27 2013 Reply
new to gw2 but veteran pvp player from other games and there's one thing i'm not quite getting.. perma stealth? i don't have an option to stealth, did they patch that or something?
Moisttowlete @ 10:22 PM, Wed September 11 2013 Reply
If Cruuk or another person versed in this build is still monitoring this, is there anywhere i can get footage. His twitch stream has no vidz and havnt seen a live stream yet. I am having problems keeping up pressure after the first big backstab. But i LOVE the build so far so i really want to learn. Just need some material.
@ 08:36 AM, Fri September 27 2013 Reply
you say it so casually that you just farpoint and kill their dude.. there's no way I can kill a tanky warrior/guardian/engi/ranger who def their base
@ 06:56 AM, Wed October 02 2013 Reply
What happened to the streams?
@ 04:13 PM, Wed November 27 2013 Reply
Very bad build. I high not reccomend this to any of you. Better run with default build from theif. Perma stealth? After 4 jump in smoke you need to use smoke once again and once again, and once again, like 40 times, and after thsi game end and you lost cosue most of the time you try to keep stealth on you. Why this build got so many vievers? Clanmates of this low theif clciked like or what? :)
@ 07:39 PM, Wed February 26 2014 Reply
I'm pretty sure that by "perma stealth" he means that you can constantly have stealth when you need it. Even in the description he states that it only gives you 8 seconds of stealth. So you pop it to stack might and gain enough stealth to rush in"with the speed boost while in stealth" pop the utilities for might and go for a backstabbing for a butt load of damage. That way you can speed down a player before they see it coming and then stomp. He isn't implying to try to stay in stealth permanently. He was just saying that it's there for when needed. And it stacks a lot of might. If you can't play the build effectively then go with soldiers amulet and just sack a little dps. You still get your stealth crits and that's the heavier damage anyways
@ 02:58 PM, Thu May 01 2014 Reply
well said...

Yo whats up everyone i just start playing again and i just updated the build also ill prolly be streaming alot more once i move into my new house with more than 140p stream quaility hopefully like atleast 520p or something anyways hit me up with any questions u got in game

@ 07:11 PM, Thu May 08 2014 Reply
how is this build viable when the animation time for hs'ing thru black powder eats up the time you're adding? I've done this for the past 3 hours and all i've been able to come up with is 3-4 seconds of stealth as opposed to just 3 seconds. what are you supposed to be doing in that extra second that allows you to do diddly?
Devourerofmemes @ 09:05 PM, Mon May 26 2014 Reply
Recent video of his gameplay
@ 09:44 PM, Thu June 19 2014 Reply
Have you tried this(or slightly modified version) for WvW yet?
@ 09:45 PM, Thu June 19 2014 Reply
Have you tried this(or a slightly modified version) for WvW?
@ 01:17 PM, Thu September 04 2014 Reply
this should silence the neigh sayers -
@ 04:07 PM, Wed February 25 2015 Reply
sry that i have to say that but this build is just crap^^

still best for TPvP S/D best mobility best survivability

the only good thing on this build is that you can stealth and hide

dmg 6 of 10 survivability is also low if you switch so sword/dagger

mobility is also really bad but anyway hope i get once a duel against you to show you how good s/d is and d/p s/d p/d sucks anyway :D