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New Player’s Introductory Guide to Guild Wars 2

Welcome to Guild Wars 2! Whether you’re new to the MMO genre or a veteran of other games, GW2 isn’t quite the same as anything you’ve tried before. To that end, there are plenty of things all new players need to know to start off right. While the in-game tutorial will teach you the most – Read More…

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Guide to Sigils and Potions in Dungeons

Sigils (Dungeons) AC Sigil of Night/Force. (Can use Sigils of Ghost Slaying but only works for ghost mobs not gravelings) CM Sigil of Justice/Force TA Sigil of Night/Dreams SE P1: Sigil of Night/Mad Scientist P2: Sigil of Night/Sorrow P3: Sigil of Night/Sorrow CoF Sigil of Night/Smothering HoTW P1: Sigil of Wrath/Force (Only for Legendary bosses) – Read More…

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sPvP Tips

General Tips Blind downed opponents before you stomp them. For instance if you’re a engineer, drop a smoke bomb on them then stomp, they’ll miss their interrupt. If you manage to chill a player right after he’s downed and stomp him, the chill condition will actually slow down the recharge cool down of the interrupt – Read More…

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GW2 Tournament Roles, Builds & Comps

This is to give some of the newer players and teams a decent starting point for a 5’s comp and the roles needed. As GW2 sPvP grows, we’re bound to have new players that may not know where to start with a 5’s comp. I’m going to keep this a simple template to build around. – Read More…

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Ergonomics & Hand Stretching for Gamers

There are four areas that a gamer interfaces with: the monitor, the keyboard and mouse, the chair, and the lighting of the environment. Setting up the interfaces with these ergonomic guidelines as well as maintaining a good posture will enhance your comfort and efficiency as well as prevent repetitive stress injuries. The Monitor Position the – Read More…

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Binding Hotkeys in Guild Wars 2

MMO Hotkey Bindings

Whether you pvp in WvWvW, hot join or tournaments, using keybindings instead of clicking will drastically improve your speed. Binding all of your skills allows for much quicker reaction times. However, it takes time to build a decent hotkey layout. It can take days or even weeks to feel comfortable with a new set of – Read More…

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